Coop’s Cafe – Seymour

We started out on our vacation this morning, and headed down Hwy 60, East of Springfield. My husband mentioned he would like to get some breakfast somewhere, so we started watching for restaurants. Nothing at Rogersville; nothing at Fordland; and fearing we would have to settle for fastfood at a McDonald’s, or wait until we reached Mountain Grove, we decided to take a little jaunt through Seymour, Mo. A drive around the neat little town square revealed no restaurants open for Sunday morning breakfast. Just as we neared the edge of town, we saw the sign for Coop’s Cafe…..and the neon “open” sign was lit up! The place didn’t look like much on the outside, but we really didnt want to eat at McDonald’s, so we stopped and went in.

The restaurant was very neat and clean, and we were warmly greeted by the waitress. We took a seat in the non-smoking section, which is where they were beginning to set up for Sunday Buffet. We ordered breakfast from the menu …. 2 Eggs, 4 slices of bacon, a very generous serving of hash browns, toast, and coffee. Our waitress was very pleasant, and kept our coffee cups filled. The food was good and arrived promply.

While waiting for our breakfast, the gentleman setting up the buffet tables told us we should have waited just a bit, then showed us the tray of spareribs he was bringing out. They looked awesome! We noticed fried chicken and many other choices on the hot food bar. The salad bar was well stocked with all the fresh food you would expect to find.

The ribs and chicken sure looked good, but we were very happy with our breakfast, which cost less than $12 bucks.

This just goes to show that looks can be deceiving….this restaurant was much better than we anticipated when we drove up. We highly recommend Coop’s Cafe to all who are passing through Seymore, Missouri.