Famous Dave’s BBQ – Springfield

Springfield, MO – Famous Dave’s BBQ, 4406 S. Campbell Avenue.

As we entered Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant in Springfield, MO, I wondered if we’d made a good choice. We had to compete with some children for a space in the revolving front door, and once inside, we saw a crowd of people apparently all waiting for a table. The noise was loud enough to be heard all the way out to the parking lot. But then I thought – this is a bbq restaurant, after all. And, we’re in the Missouri Ozarks! Why not expect a place like this to be popular and fun?

We were told we’d have about a 20 minute wait for a table. So I resigned myself to finding a space to stand by the wall to wait. I was standing near the menu slot, so I pulled one out to read while passing the time. The menu got my mouth to watering, as if the smell of the smoked meat hadn’t already. Our wait was only about 10 minutes. I was then afraid we would be led to the upstairs dining area (too many stairs for these arthritic knees), or worse – we would be seated next to a table full of screaming kids. But to my pleasant surprise, we were taken to a nice booth that was semi-secluded.

The waitress came promptly and introduced herself as “Famous Nancy.” She was very pleasant and eager to please. Then we were presented with a bowl of home-made potato chips and a plate. The waitress proceeded take each bottle of bbq sauce and squirt the initial of each on the plate while describing the differences in tastes. The sauces ranged from very mild all the way to the hottest Devil’s Spit. While we waited for our order, we munched on the chips and tried out the various sauces so we would know just the one we wanted to put on our ribs when they came. I kept going back to the Devil’s Spit, while my husband had more of a taste for the Texas Pit sauce.

We thought we were ordering light when we ordered the rib tips. This meal came with 6 large rib tips, corn bread, and corn on the cob – then we were told to choose two more sides! Wow! Needless to say, we could not even eat half of what we were brought, so got to take home enough for another meal the following day (which, I might add, was every bit as good as the first one).

This was one of the best BBQ restaurants I’ve eaten at in a long time, and we whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone else.

Visit their website; it says it all.